le barr áidh bia bun


      ✒ || More waving as they snuggled up to the other. Just waving, and silly cheek pokes. 

  Silly cheek pokes?! SILLY CHEEK POKES?! Raging Newt is raging with cuteness as he pulled out a sheet of paper - a stolen blueprint from certain construction workers - and a pen.


      ✒ || Waves because no voice. Look who can’t talk up a storm! 

  The blonde nodded, folded over on himself. Fucking bird, sneaking up on him! Gaah! Making him so tiny! “Good evening.”


      ✒ || … flops on top of. 

  “—dhkjjfdkghj!! Budgie!!”


       ✒ || ” … “ 


“I’d prefer not to, that sounds uncomfortable.” He sighed. Looks like it was another angry one to deal with. “Miiru. My name is Miiru Munashii.” He was going to continue the polite approach.

  “More comfortable than you know.” An’Nuit crossed his arms, glower permanent on his face. “Were your parents hungry when they named you or something? Sounds like a case of the munchies, not a title.”

"Go take a nap by a brook."

The worst insult ever, if you get the reasoning.


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“Greetings, sir.” He said, carefully observing the new figure in front of him. This one seemed… supernatural?

   ”Go take a nap by a brook, you brat.” Even though he didn’t look much older himself, he had to at least have a millennia or close to it under his belt.

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gklfdlk wat wry?

so sreepy